London Lifestyle: Bounce Bar, Shoreditch. 

So this year me and many of my friends will be turning 21! Since we have all turned 18 the time has literally whizzed and it’s quite scary to think that we are all turning in to ‘proper adults’. 

My friend Josh is one of the first to turn 21 and we decided to organise a surprise meet up for him. 

We all agreed on Bounce Bar in Shoreditch. Like most places in Shoreditch the bar is slightly bizarre following a trendy, unusual concept surrounding the beloved game ‘ping-pong’. 

You enter the bar which sports a modern Avent Garde decor. I have to admit that on entry I didn’t feel quite quirky enough to be there. However, once we entered the main part of the bar I felt much more at home as it just felt like a regular sports bar. 

We had a lot of fun playing Ping Pong and the staff were really good at making sure that your balls were constantly replenished (this sounds like some sort of bad sexual innuendo… Oops!). 

It was a really fun and enjoyable concept. However, there were a few things that I felt could have been improved. Firstly, although playing ping pong is a social concept the music was as loud as it is in a club making it quite hard to chat… Especially in a large group. 

Also, the drinks were really quite pricey! I am used to London prices but I guess the trendier the venue the higher premium you pay! They also had a minimum card spend of £10 which again encourages you to spend more! However, I think the bar is intended to be for one off occasions and you don’t mind paying the prices in those instances! 

I would definitely recommend to a friend as it really is different and good fun! 

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