Visting A New Place: Bath Spa

The cute decorations in this steet always seem to be so English!!

So my summer holiday is rapidly drawing to a close, but after three months I have really begun to miss my university friends. I had a couple of days off of work and decided to use them to go and visit my friends Lizzie and Georgia who live in Somerset.

I had a long three hour drive down south, however, it was more scenic than my usual long distance drives as I managed to drive through the Stonehenge heritage park en route. It was the first time I have ever seen Stonehenge and who can complain about casually passing one of the wonders of the world?

Trying to take pictures whilst stuck in traffic didn’t turn out great…

Whilst staying with Lizzie we decided to go to Bath for the day. I have never been to Bath before but it is somewhere I regularly hear people talk about and have always wanted to go.

On the way to Bath, Lizzie and I decided to stop off at a Mulberry outlet… you know just to have a browse! It was the most unusual shops I have ever been in as it was a converted church building. I have to say I did feel that there was something odd about shopping in a church – but maybe it is Mulberry’s way of hinting they are the holy grail of British designers!

Once we arrived in Bath we were STARVING! Lizzie recommended that we tried Jamie’s Italian – a restaurant I have always avoided due to my fear of cheese!! Well I will certainly not avoid it anymore. They offered a fantastic lunch menu where you could order two courses for around £11. Lizzie went for a starter and main and I chose a starter and dessert. I went for the steak and chips for main, which came smothered in garlic butter, and chocolate brownie for afters as I cannot avoid anything that involves chocolate. However, the part of the meal I enjoyed most was the garlic bread!! It was to die for and is definitely one of the nicest (if not THE nicest) garlic breads I have ever had. I would 10/10 definitely recommend to a friend!

We spent the rest of the day doing what we seem to do best… encouraging one another to buy things we can’t always afford. I really enjoyed shopping in somewhere with such character and it certainly  made a change from the orange and white clinical look of intu Bromley!

Felt as though we had taken a step back in time in this R&B

I had a lovely day in Bath… if you have been there let me know what your favourite things to do are so that I know for next time!?



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