New Season Lust List…

I always find shopping in August an odd experience. The weather has just begun to become semi-pleasant in England and the majority of people are jetting off on holiday. However, most shops seem to go into sale at the start of August and by this point (mid-August) the autumn collections have started to hit the shelves. I do always find this a bit frustrating as I can’t think about summer clothes until its hot outside and then it seems to be too late!

However, the change in the shops mean that I can start getting excited about the new season trends and form a new lust list. I have compiled this list of the the items I have seen so far this season which have grabbed my attention.

zara topLace Zara top – 29.99

I love this little top from Zara. I recently saw a similar one in one of inthefrow’s recent videos from Temperley London. This is obviously a high street alternative, but I actually prefer the colour because, being so pale, white washes me out. I also love that the top is fairly structured as it means it can be dressed up or down.

zara culottes

Zara Culottes – 22.99 

Okay so anybody who knows me will know that Zara is one of my favourite shops, so, it is no surprise that I have featured another item from there! Whilst shopping with my friend Megan today we looked at these culottes. Culottes have been on trend for a while now, but I haven’t been gutsy enough to try the flared style yet! However, I think I may have to invest in these classic staples soon.

gucci bag

Dionysus Blooms Mini Shoulder Bag by Gucci – 990.00

If you haven’t laid eyes on this bag yet you must have been living under a rock for the past few months! This gorgeous style, which features the classic Gucci print, has been EVERYWHERE this past season! I love the floral addition to an otherwise classic style… I just wish my bank account loved this bag as much as I do!


New Look Premium Mink Lace Dress – 44.99

It has been AGES since I have shopped in New Look, but Billy recently picked up some lovely T Shirts from the New, New Look Man (Bit of a mouthful!), so I decided to have a look at what they had in! I was so surprised to see this lovely mink lace dress online! It is very Self Portrait-esque, but is over half the price! It would be perfect for any end of summer events like weddings/christenings etc…

I am getting SO excited to see what else catches my eyes over the coming weeks. Let me know if you’ve seen anything exciting over the past few weeks!



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