Netflix and Chill series: 90210

90210: ***

If you are looking for a series to fill a Gossip Girl shaped hole in your heart I would highly recommend 90210! It follows a group of rich and somewhat troubled teenagers who live in the prestigious 90210 postcode.

Each episode has something to make you laugh, cry and just do the things that chick flick dramas tend to do! The characters fulfil the typical stereotypes: the geek who becomes part of the popular group, the good looking boy who is a bit misunderstood and the school bitch. The programme is very enjoyable and makes for easy binge-watching.

The only thing I would say is that the storylines are somewhat predictable, however, enjoyable nonetheless.

(On a side note one of the shows protagonists Annie has family that lives in Bromley and she was spotted shopping in The Glades! Claim to fame for Bromley!!)

One thought on “Netflix and Chill series: 90210

  1. prettylittleflirt says:

    This show is one of my favourite things in the world! I watched it a few years ago and saw it on Netflix a few months ago and rewatched it all in the space of a few days haha. So juicy and bitchy! Great recommendation!


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