Buying my dream bag

mulberry-taupe-medium-lily-brown-product-3-130439056-normalSo I have a very exciting update since my last handbag post where I was lusting over the Mulberry Lily.

Since then I have been lucky enough to save up the money for my dream bag and I am now the proud owner of a Mulberry Lily in the medium size in taupe. Like it would be many people a purchase like this was a really huge decision for me. So, I thought it would be good to talk through my process of purchasing the bag to give people an idea of things to bear in mind when making a luxury purchase!

1) Cost

Obviously cost is a huge factor and it goes without saying that you shouldn’t buy something that you cannot afford. I saved up money since Februrary, asking for money from my family for my birthday and then saving the rest from my monthly wages. I think that it makes things so much more special if you have had to work hard and wait for something, as opposed to getting it straight away! (I’ve been after this bag since I was about 17!!)

Something else to consider is whether there is a way of getting money off! If you are going on holiday you can often get items cheaper in duty free so it may be worth waiting until your visit to the airport! I am lucky as my cousin works at Heathrow airport so he managed to get the item for the duty free price for me! This was great as it saved me having to wait even longer for my bag by lowering the cost.

If you’re not going on holiday- don’t worry! They’re are still ways to get money off luxury items. I recently visited Bicester Village and the Mulberry outlet had LOADS of the most popular models- the only thing I would say is to go with an open mind regarding colour as they don’t always have the most current colours but they do have similar alternatives.

2) Colour 

Mulberry Cream

If you are buying your first luxury bag I would really recommend hugely considering the colour. As much as I liked the cream coloured bags, I knew if I was spending a lot of money on a bag I would want to be able to use it everyday without having to worry about marks showing up etc.

I also considered the oxblood colour, but decided this was quite a wintery colour. I eventually settled on the taupe colour as I felt it was very versatile, as well as practical.

3) Style

I have loved the Mulberry Lily ever since it came out. Having owned larger bags before, I know that I just abuse having more space, filling the bag with absolute rubbish. This led me to decide that a smaller bag would be better for me. I also love the classic style of the bag – I felt that it wouldn’t date quickly and this was another reason for my decision.

I am SOOO excited to finally own my Mulberry bag! It is my new prized possession. Let me know if you have made any exciting purchases recently or if you are planning to!



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