Netflix and Chill Series: Jane the Virgin

So with the end of exams of approaching Netflix subscriptions are rapidly increasing! Whenever I have free time I love nothing more than to get engrossed into new TV series (and probably finish it after a few days of binge watching) – so I decided a good thing to do over the summer would be a series of a blog posts reviewing the TV programmes I have been watching on Netflix!

I have decided to start off with Jane the Virgin – which I believe to be a relatively new addition to Netflix (great if you’ve watched practically everything else on there like I have!)


Jane the Virgin: ***

I have given Jane the Virgin three stars. It’s one of these programmes that is easy to binge watch and great for half-hearted viewing whilst you’re getting ready in the morning, or doing household chores. It’s comical and light-hearted so is perfect to watch after the stress of exams in order to relax, as opposed to watching something like House of Cards which will cause you more stress than your A Levels!

The series introduces you to very likeable characters, who undergo a series of unfortunate (and unrealistic) events. The storylines are jaunty, but somewhat predictable and although I really enjoyed it I can’t imagine it would be a programme I would tune in weekly to watch. However, it is perfect for a binge-watch.

Another reason I have limited it to three stars is the fact that there is only one series of it on Netflix currently. There is NOTHING I hate more than having to wait to find out what happens in the next series. Netflix for me is a different style of television – the whole point is that it is readily available to watch as and when you want it, so it is so frustrating when you have to wait for the next series!

However, despite the predictability of the storylines and the lack of the newer seasons, I would recommend Jane the Virgin for post-exam stress relief. It is an easy and amusing watch and made me giggle from start to finish.

Have any of you watched it? Or have you got any recommendations for what I should watch next? Let me know in the comments…

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