Finishing my First Year at Uni…


I’ve finished my first year at university, I was about to write finally, but I honestly can’t believe how quickly it has gone!

I am so excited to be home and am looking forward to enjoying a somewhat relaxing summer, but I am also feeling quite sad that my first year has come to an end already! I have REALLY enjoyed myself this year – much more than I ever thought I would…

Some of you might know that when first faced with the prospect of going to university I was extremely apprehensive to leave home, so much so that I decided to go to University College London and commute from home. Unfortunately within the first few days I realised I had made a mistake. I remember getting the train up to a freshers event and feeling so nervous. As soon as I arrived everyone else seemed to know each other from their halls etc. As much as I tried to get involved in the social side of university I realised that my choice to stay at home was ruining my university experience. I couldn’t pop to meetings with my tutors, I always had to be on the last train home and my friendship group was confined to my course.

Don’t get me wrong – living at home was not my only mistake when it came to uni, I had also rushed into a decision about the course I wanted to do, and soon realised that it just was not what I expected.

However, I just really wanted to write this post to share my experience with others! If you’re feeling apprehensive about moving away for university, I would really recommend weighing up the pros and cons. For me, Warwick was a great choice of university because it is a little ‘bubble’ – you have everything you want on campus making it feel so homely. Remember – it will never replace your home, you can go and visit your family when you need to!

I cannot wait for the next two years of my degree and enjoying EVERYTHING university has to offer!


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