Valentine’s Day 

Before you roll your eyes and scroll past shuddering this is not going to be a super soppy post declaring my love for my boyfriend!

I just wanted to share with you all a lovely restaurant that Billy and I stumbled across this Valentine’s!

We were planning on visiting the well-known Indian street food restaurant in Covent Garden ‘Dishoom’. However, you were unable to book in advance and when we arrived there was an hour and fourty-five minute wait for a table!

Being in Covent Garden we knew we could find another lovely restaurant fairly easily so we just had a little walk around (we stumbled across the BAFTA Red carpet!) Now, I have had the lurgies for the last week and began to feel a bit dizzy and started to get a bit moany after a short walk! Billy knew what to do for the best and dragged me into the nearest restaurant! It was called ‘Sophie’s Steakhouse’. It’s really nicely decorated inside and out, boasts a delicious menu and a cocktail bar that is open all day!

The staff were super friendly and managed to get us seated in half an hour, even on Valentine’s Day! It seems like a great restaurant for families, especially on a Sunday, as they offer a free roast for the children! They also offer a really reasonable pre-theatre menu, and are in a great location for a lot of the major shows!

Billy and I both had the ribs and they were divine! I LOVE ribs and order them whenever they are on the menu! As a well informed rib eater I would HIGHLY recommend them! However, being food obsessed I always check out what everyone else is eating, and, honestly, everything else looked just as good!

Price wise it was very reasonable for the location that it’s in and could get away with charging a lot more! If you ever find yourself hungry in the Covent Garden area I would definitely recommend! We will definitely be returning!

How did you spend your Valentine’s Day? Any restaurant recommendations would be very welcome!

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