Bag Lust List

So my friend Lizzie has just got the most beautiful new Zara bag and I have now got seriously bad bag envy and want a new one myself, so I have rounded up a list of my favourite bags at the moment. My birthday is in February so who knows maybe someone might take this list as ideas for a present!

Zara bag

This is Lizzie’s new bag which sparked the bag envy! How beautiful!? 

1.) Whistles Shiny Croc Rivington Clutch Bag



My friend Paige has this bag in black and I always borrow it… it’s just such a nice size for going out and goes with so much. I always go for lighter colours, so I love this grey version. 

2.) Topshop Premium Feather Shoulder Bag


I really love my fluffy pom pom keyring and this bag reminds me of it. I think I would prefer it in a different colour though! 


3.) Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Leather Cross Body Bag


I love the colour of this bag! I wear a lot of pastel colours in the summer, and have a few dresses in sky blue. I like the mix between the leather and chain handle too! 

4.) Stella McCartney Baby Bella Tote Bag



When my mum and I went to New York for my 18th, we saw this bag in Saks and it has been on my list ever since! 

5.) Mulberry Lily Medium Leather Bag


This is honestly my dream bag… I have wanted it for years! As soon as I am no longer a poor student I am 100% going to buy this for myself!


What do you think of my dream bags? Are any of them on your list?



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