Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation Review


My holy grail of foundation! I have been searching and searching for a foundation that looks natural, suits my very pale skin tone AND lasts all day (I know I’m very demanding!) and I have finally found one that I love.

Okay so I’m a number 2 in this foundation. I got SO excited that I may not be the lightest shade in a foundation for once… turns out they start at number 2! 😦 I guess people don’t come paler than me! However, this is all besides the point… for me to find a foundation to match my skin tone is quite difficult so when the lovely sales assistant in Selfridges matched me I was delighted.

I was so happy with the results when the sales assistant applied the foundation that I brought it straight away. It made my skin look so dewy and healthy… it was the best I had looked in a long while! The price may seem a little steep at £36 but honestly it is worth it! For every day wear I only use very minimal amounts and still get quite a full coverage and don’t find that I need to reapply so you save a lot of make up (it is also a fairly big bottle to begin with!)

Also, the packaging is lovely… definitely feels like you are buying a luxury product which is all you want really right?!

If its good enough for Kim K its good enough for me!

Have any of you tried it? What’s your favourite foundation?!



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