David Bowie Is One of Us

Today is a sad day for the music and fashion world, as you are all probably aware, the legend David Bowie passed away today. It is evident from the messages that have inundated my timeline on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, that David Bowie had a special place in the hearts of many. This is likely to be due to his individuality in an era that discouraged ‘change’.

I was lucky enough to attend the same school as Bowie for sixth form, a school now known as Ravens Wood, but was called Bromley Technical College during Bowie’s time. 

I was in the school’s performing arts academy, RAPA, during my time at sixth form which was SO much fun! We were lucky enough to be invited to create a video in tribute to David Bowie’s work by the V and A museum for their exhibition ‘David Bowie Is… One of Us’. It was such a privilege and shows just what an impact Bowie had on the world; not just that an exhibition was being held about him, but that our teachers were now encouraging us to take his view on life- to be different… something he was told off for during school! 

We had so much fun filming the video in his spirit, and the exhibition was phenomenal! 

RIP David Bowie ‘The truth is of course is that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time.’

Here is the link to the video created during my time at Sixth Form:

David Bowie Is… One of Us

Did Bowie have any influence over your life? I think we can all learn something from him… 

DISCLAIMER: The images are not my own and the video is property of UAL. BOWIE

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