Nailed it! Why I converted from ‘Gelish’ to ‘SNS’


We have all now heard about the likes of Gelish and Shellac, which became the ‘healthy’ alternative to acrylic nails. I ADORED Gelish and would have my nails done every 2 weeks. I loved the choice of colours, the strength it gave my nails. The only thing I didn’t like? The UV light they used to dry the formula and the damage this can cause to your skin and nails.

Recently, my mum came home after getting her nails done and said that the salon she goes to had started offering a new service called SNS. Now I had never heard of it and my loyalty to Gelish kicked in so I was reluctant to try it. However, my mum explained that the end result is very similar to Gelish… the main difference is that they don’t use a UV light! After a bit of persuasion from my mum (she offered to pay!) I went and tried out SNS.

The procedure is similar to Gelish in that you arrive in the salon and they have tons of colours to choose from. I picked a burgundy colour and sat down with the technician. When she first started doing my nails I completely freaked out… she was painting what seemed to be a clear nail varnish on my nails and then dipping it in a pot of coloured powder. My nail looked like a very matte, faded version of the colour I had chosen. The whole way through the process I was regretting my decision and was completely confused by how this powder could stay on my nail. However, after 3 coats of the powder they file the coats down and paint a clear coat over the top, creating a beautiful result… just like Gelish!

I was SO impressed by my first set, they lasted me 4 weeks which is amazing for me as I would normally wreck my gel sets in about 2! They feel more like acrylic nails than gel in terms of strength, so my main concern was the condition of my nails once I had the set removed. However, when the technician removed my first set I was pleasantly surprised… my nails looked and felt the same, if not stronger, as they had prior to me having the SNS set put on.

I’m a complete convert and would recommend it to everybody and anybody who listens!!


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